Our Services

Building a great company with great jobs is just the start.

Bulldog builds custom recruiting systems
for CDL drivers with 3 principles.

  1. No two driving jobs are the same, so we recruit on what makes your fleet unique; not just pay.
  2. Choosing who to work for is a big decision. Most drivers have been lied to and mistreated. Our campaigns build trust.
  3. Good art is what stops the scroll, and our artists are guided by analytics.

We get different results because we are different. We build campaigns that can compete against large employers — inside and outside of trucking, and get drivers to stop scrolling. We give recruiting the respect it deserves.

Here are the services that we offer:

Lead Generation

Similar to fishing, anyone can cast, but casting isn’t what catches fish. Success requires persistence and strategy. You have to study your quarry, and be able to craft an offering they can’t refuse.

This is what separates Bulldog. We are dynamic and strategic. We are not working a 10-step program for hundreds of clients.

Each client is unique.

We spend time learning your business, and creating a strategy specifically for you. Drivers have lot of options, and choosing where to drive is a big decisions. We will craft a campaign specifically for your lanes, your benefits, and your drivers.

To illustrate this, here are some examples of how varied our messaging gets among our clients:

Facebook Posts
Instagram Stories
Animated Ads

And it doesn’t stop once the ad gets made. Lead management is an instrumental part of Bulldog’s strategy. It’s all about getting the right people to pay attention to your ad, so you can get the drivers you need without spending through the roof. Our Digital Marketing Manager checks the analytics of your ad: everything from how many comments it has garnered to the amount of your budget is being spent to run it.

Our team meets twice daily to discuss strategy and execution. If something isn’t working, we switch it up.

Running ads successfully on Facebook is a full-time job. You need to keep up with trends and understand how the algorithm works so that your content keeps eyeballs on it. A great example of this is the importance of running holiday ads.

Bulk Transit

Valentines Day Ad

Consolidated Concrete

Halloween Ad

These may just seem cute at first glance, but there is strategy behind running these type of ads. During the holidays, Facebook is saturated with related content. In order for your ads to not get lost in the shuffle, we need to make sure your content blends in.

Recruiting Assistance

Our team of Recruiting Assistants help our clients process new leads. Typically responding in less than 5 minutes, they answer driver questions, qualify drivers, and improve conversion rates. Plus, they are available from 7:00am to 11:00pm EST on weekdays, and from 11:00am to 6:00pm EST on weekends.

Drivers want to feel like they are being heard.

Hands on recruiting provides a personal touch. It creates an engaging environment for drivers who are tired of automated, cookie cutter responses when job hunting. Our goal is to give the drivers a sense of what it will be like to work at your company; to insure that they come in with a positive outlook on the road ahead.


The best Podcasts tell a story: keeping drivers educated and entertained. This makes them perfect for communicating about safety, building a culture, and helping people learn what it would be like working at a company.

Each of these podcasts is built for a specific Bulldog client. The client will have a weekly guest host, help develop the show, and their drivers will be featured prominently.

It is a way for a fleet to talk with their drivers regularly, build a following, and encourage the behaviors they want to see in the Industry. Plus, it helps drivers pass the time and be entertained.

Here are some shows we have up and running on our very own “10-4” podcast network.

Video & Photo Production

We have a team that specializes in taking pictures of trucks & drivers. They know how to direct drivers, what shots to get, what looks best, and what images will capture drivers’ attention. They come equipped with PPE, and know how to get the shots without interrupting work.

Production is essential. It provides our team with the assets to execute lead generation strategies. We recommend that all of our clients do an annual photoshoot, and as clients ramp up dd budgets they need additional photoshoots.

Working with original media saves our clients money.

It is easier to work with original images vs. having create artificial images.

Drivers respond well to trucks and real drivers. However, they will be quick to call us liars if we show them the wrong make, model, or year. More so, they can spot the difference between a real driver and a model (don’t ask me how).

Here are some of our favorite photos.

Print & Apparel Design

While most of our work is digital, there are times when we need something tactile — i.e. referral cards, uniforms, and for events. We have a handful of designers that have the patience and discipline to create memorable and well designed physical pieces.

Consolidated Concrete Company

Referral Card

Platte River Concrete Company

Zoo Day T-shirt

Web & Software Development

We use code for two tasks: analytics and automation. These two tasks are essential for improving the Driver experience / recruiting:

We use intuition and experience to build things we
think will work, and analytics to determine what is
actually working. This requires code.

  • We use intuition and experience to build things we. think will work, and analytics to determine what is really working. This requires code.
  • Automation helps us save time – ours and drivers.
  • Automation has an added benefit of reducing human errors.

Analytics & Reporting

Tying everything together is our Analytics team. Analytics help us integrate to our clients’ recruiting teams, manage our ads, and guide our creative. We don’t do professional art for the sake of art – we do it because it gets results.

Below is a chart that shows the qualified leads one of our clients received over the course of 10 days. The yellow portions of the bars indicate applications, and the blue portions indicate qualified leads.