We are going to ask you 13 questions about your organization to try to get a sense or where you are at on our Maturity Model. In order to start working with Bulldog, we strongly recommend that you should be at least at a level 3.

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Roles & Organization

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Driver Experience

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Lead Generation

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Recruiting Strategy

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Relationship Building

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Lead Nurturing

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Driver Referrals

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Hiring Metrics

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Recruiting Process

Here is your custom Bulldog Maturity Model!


Roles & Organization
Recruiting is a necessity and is done as needed
Recruiting is someone’s full time job
Recruiting gets executive level engagement
Recruiting gets other managers and departments engaged
Recruiting is included in strategic planning
Recruiting done manually or with spreadsheets
Ten Street or other application tracking software used
Website becomes valuable recruiting tool
Lead Nurturing System Implemented
Analytics available across your entire recruiting process
Driver Experience
Not collecting driver feedback
Documentation about pay and benefits information provided to drivers in consistent
Designing a recruiting and orientation to improve driver experience
A program to collect feedback on driver experience
Integrating driver feedback into recruiting plans
Produces sporadic results
Able to keep up with regular turnover
Able to keep up with industry & seasonal turnover
Able to focus on improving driver quality
Able to plan fleet growth
Lead Generation
Posting on job boards (Indeed)
Paid lead generation platforms (FATJ, Best Driver Jobs, Etc)
Customized recruiting campaigns
Capture & keep first party data
Omnichannel lead generation across multiple platforms
Recruiting Strategy
Unguided — trying a lot of things to see what works
Focus on successful tactics
Designing jobs drivers want
Strategies customized to attract our best drivers
Recruiting as a key variable in company wide strategy
Inconsistent logo & colors
Logos, colors, and type are consistent
Brand position is consistent (pay, stories, etc)
Campaigns use real images of trucks & drivers
Company drivers can describe brand position
Relationship Building
Transactional & helpful
Both recruiting and orientation develop positive relationships with drivers
Interested but unqualified candidates are nurtured
Building relationships at scale. Drivers feel like they know the company, without ever having to talk with anyone.
Lead Nurturing
Ad hoc follow-up
Manual follow-up schedule
Immediate engagement
Automated lead nurturing
Outbound lead nurturing (Private Facebook Groups, Youtube, podcasts)
Driver Referrals
Occasionally receive referrals
Clear submission process and tracking (including incentives)
Regular reminders to ask for referrals
We have a segment of drivers are providing multiple referrals per year
Dispatchers, techs and other in the company regularly ask for referrals
No reviews & reviews are scary
We have reviews and on average they are positive
Recruiting regularly asks for reviews
The company has a program for asking for reviews
Dispatchers, techs, etc. regularly ask for reviews after positive interactions
Hiring Metrics
Hiring needs aren’t regularly communicated
Recruiting knows hiring needs (empty trucks, resignations, terminations, and new trucks (and by terminal, run, etc if needed))
The recruiting team uses KPIs & benchmarks
Our data tells a story end-to-end measurement
Recruiting analytics are available to recruiting, executives, and other department managers
Recruiting Process
No formal process
Documented process
Efficient process
Supported by automation
End-to-end analytics

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