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Building a recruiting system requires many different skills.

Getting Started With Bulldog

We work hourly. This allows us to work with you, and adjust to your needs. For example, we have started lead generation projects, and realized we need to work on the website, integrations, etc.

We are very careful with our time. We track our time down to the minute — no rounding up. Working hourly makes sure you get what you want, allows us to work alongside your team, and allows for a lot of control over budgets & outcomes.

To help with time management: we provide weekly updates, and invoices every other week (on the 15th and last day of the month). You can adjust us up and down as needed.

We typically optimize our work to keep the cost per lead at or below $15 per lead.


(This typically takes 1-3 months)


Ideally, Grant Stanley, our Managing Partner, will visit your offices and meet with people in leadership, safety, recruiting, driver managers, dispatch, maintenance, and sales/marketing. Grant will want to interview drivers about why they choose your company, and their experience, and typically spends three days onsite.


The feedback from interviews are used to create your communication canvas and driver avatar. These two documents guide our ad creative and strategy. The communication canvas defines what we are selling: the types of drivers we want and what we can offer them. And the driver avatar defines who we are “selling”.


Next, we will collect and organize materials for creating ads. This includes reviews, driver photos, truck photos, and any available video footage or pictures. We want to make sure we can create compelling content for all stages of the recruiting process. For example, we can improve the efficiency of your ad spending by increasing the number of reviews on your Facebook.


Your existing creative determines how soon we need to schedule a photoshoot. Most of the time we can start running Ads before scheduling a photoshoot. However, we like to schedule photoshoots because they lower our cost per lead. We have found that drivers like photos of real trucks and real drivers. Plus, having more creative allows us to refresh our ad creative more often — further reducing the cost per lead.

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The Bulldog Maturity Model

Companies will move through the Maturity Model at their own pace. Some companies will move on from one category quickly, while others will take time. Being off one level between categories isn’t something to worry about, however more than two levels is a cause for concern.

We also have an interactive version of the maturity model. You can work through it on your own or with the help of Grant Stanley.