Code of Ethics

We are out to help small fleets compete against the Mega-Carriers. We operate as a shared services department, and together we can have more capabilities than even the biggest fleets. 

The following is a list of ethical principles that are at the core of  Bulldog Solutions.

Trucking is always changing.

It is crazy to think that what you are doing today will keep working. Your needs are subject to change, and we’ll ramp up and down as you see fit. 

We are tenacious.

We are great at doing what works, but we know that past successes don’t guarantee future ones. As we add clients, we add capabilities. We started with Facebook ads, and have since expanded to podcasts, websites, Youtube, media production, etc. Plus, we built a call center of people that are ready to talk with drivers from 7AM to 11PM EST on weekdays, and from 11AM to 6PM on weekends.

We are better together.

We encourage our clients to learn from each other. We don’t view our clients as competitors — we are competing against the Mega-Carriers.

This all works if our clients agree to a simple rule: “Don’t Be a D***”. 

We are data-driven.

Data allows us to act as an extension of your team. We track everything and give you access. You can check our numbers in real time on your phone, and we also prepare you reports daily and weekly. Plus, we provide invoices every 2 weeks so that invoices never get away from you.

We only get paid if we work.

We charge hourly, because we only want to get paid if we work. We stay honest by tracking our time to the minute and second — absolutely no rounding. If a meeting or lunch isn’t work, we don’t bill for it. If someone is just attending a meeting, guess what? We don’t bill for that either.

We are in it for the long haul.

Our goal is to help you get butts in seats, and grow your fleet. This isn’t always a straight forward process. Messaging, pay, benefits, and recruiting process all have to be aligned.

We know that we have to earn your trust. And the best way we have found is: produce results. If we have butts in seats and help you grow your fleet, then we have earned your business.

We work with our clients.

We typically talk with our clients several times a week. Our best clients have a person that we report to. This can be someone in marketing, recruiting, safety or even the owner.

We never publish something unless it gets approval first. We need boots on the ground to help us build ads that connect with your audience. We need feedback on recruiting calls, conversations, and how many drivers were seated. We need someone to guide us. We may push the envelope – we need to stop the scroll.

We don’t have a 10-step process.

Every fleet is unique. Your drivers are unique, and your requirements are unique. When you start with Bulldog we spend three days interviewing your leadership and drivers. This helps us craft our strategy and work with your team.

We focus on what makes your fleet unique.

Drivers will tell you that it’s all about the money. But that isn’t true. They care a lot about the route, freight, pay, benefits, and culture of a company. Your unique combination of variables attracts a specific type of driver.

We have to earn your business daily.

 It is more fun this way — scary too. We don’t have terms on our agreements — so you can terminate us at any point in time. Plus, we build everything on your platforms so that you retain complete ownership and control (no vendor lock-in here!).

We are pros.

Generating leads isn’t just about doing the work. You have to create content that “Stops the Scroll”. This means we have to generate quality art, and build things that grab people’s attention.

This requires us to employ the best artists. 

We have built a company that they love to work at. We have 100’s of applications per job posting. And we only hire professional artists. Then we invest heavily in helping them gain and practice new skills. We know that the best benefit we can provide our people is helping them develop.