You won’t meet a team more tenacious when it comes to generating leads.

If a driver looks at their phone, we are there with a post, email, ad, video; you name it. We love creative copy, eye catching images, and video that sucks you in.

But it doesn’t stop at art. We love numbers. Dashboards, spreadsheets, and graphs track each ad, email, and post – allowing us to optimize your cost per hire and balance quality and quantity.

As soon as a driver clicks “Like”, “Follow” or “Apply” we latch on automatically messaging them, adjusting based on their interest, and educating them about why they should drive for you.

We don’t just capture leads, we automatically warm them up.

Our Team

Grant Stanley

Managing Partner


(402) 679-8398

James Fonda

Originating Partner


Hannah Twery

Director, Ad Management


Keshia Cousins

Director, Ad Operations


Maria Wilkie

Director, Driver Support


Michele Zanta

Director, Ad Creative


Brianna Dresbach

Manager, Ad Creative


As you guessed, we didn’t start out in trucking. We started as graphic designers, digital marketers, data scientists, and engineers. But we love to learn.

We learn from each other. Engineers should experience design, designers should experience engineering, etc.
Not being the expert can be uncomfortable, but getting out of areas of expertise boosts our careers. It allows us to push back on each others ideas, create more complete strategies, and equips us with big toolkits for solving problems.

We learn from our clients. This allows us to tell their story, build recruiting systems aligned to their goals, and attract the right drivers to the right carriers.

Our Clients

Our best clients are: companies people want to work for, have plenty of freight, and not enough drivers. Most have 150 trucks or more with at least one person responsible for recruiting — ideally full-time.

Before Bulldog, our clients have at least 10% of their trucks idle.

Our first meeting is typically with owners. However, success requires involving owners, recruiting, finance, and operations.

We love working with:

  • Owners that are open to doing what works; not just what has always been done.
  • Finance departments that value moving freight; not just managing line items.
  • Operations departments that are excited for the challenges of full-trucks and growth.
  • Recruiters that are excited to drive their company’s growth.

In short, our best clients want tomorrow to be better than today.


Explore how we help the best trucking companies fill their trucks, reduce their cost per hire, and expand their fleets.


You don’t need to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about Bulldog.

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