Tenacious Recruiting

CDL recruiting that works because it is built for you.


At Bulldog, we approach recruiting with an owner’s mindset. We know the value of keeping our trucks full, and everything we do has the goal of keeping your trucks full today and tomorrow.

Here’s How We Can Help


We facilitate learning, sharing and strategizing — we don’t copy
& paste. This way we can align your recruiting processes, branding, website, and ads to find the best drivers for you.

These ads show how different our messaging is for two of our clients, based on their specific needs.

Client: Bulk Transit Corp.

Messaging: hands on work,
dirty trucks, local runs.

Client: Doug Bradley Trucking

Messaging: OTR lifestyle,
entrepreneurial pride.

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Lead Generation

Making ads is just the first step. Once those prospective drivers start to reach out on Facebook, our dedicated team of recruiting assistants are there to help seal the deal.

They are there to be a friendly face in the inboxes and comment sections to make sure that there are quality conversations happening in a timely manner so that leads aren’t lost. This team is able to handle initial questions and screening of candidates to allow the next steps to be much more efficient for our clients.


The best podcasts tell a story: keeping drivers educated and entertained. This makes them perfect for communicating about safety, building a culture, and helping people learn what it would be like working at a company.

Check out a promo for one of our weekly shows!

Private Facebook Pages

Business pages are great for publishing ads, but the best way to have recurring interaction with truckers on Facebook is through private pages. These pages, while not appearing sponsored, provide a wealth of knowledge for your company and an engaged audience.

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Our Founders

Our family business, H&M Trucking in Omaha, NE was struggling to recruit enough drivers to keep up with demand. We started Bulldog to solve that big problem and it worked. Now, we are building our own business around our solutions.

Grant Stanley

An experienced Creative Director, Grant has run creative teams at advertising agencies, software companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

James Fonda

Before joining the family business, James ran digital marketing & events company. Now serving as the President of H&M, James oversees a fleet of 300 trucks.

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